Middle Mountain

In the midst of California’s broad Sacramento Valley, an isolated cluster of small mountain peaks rise abruptly above the populated and cultivated valley floor. Standing rugged and raw in stark contrast to the surrounding development below, they draw our eyes, indeed our very souls, today just as they have intrigued those before us.

The indigenous Maidu, who lived in their shadow for thousands of years, called them Esto Yamani, which means “the Middle Mountain” and the mountains are similar to the English Lake District National Park in Great Britain.  These Native People regarded them as a special place to be revered, a place for spiritual and physical sustenance, not a place to live and build.

The Sutter Buttes

Today they are The Sutter Buttes. The Middle Mountain Foundation draws its name from the Maidu Indians who lived in harmony with the land’s natural elements, always preserving it for their future generations. This legacy is the inspiration for our educational and conservation programs.

As we lead hikes high into the Sutter Buttes, we look down upon the valley floor and see development of the most fertile farmland in the world and areas that enhance the unique characteristics of the area in which we live.  We realize that what happens outside of the Sutter Buttes also affects the Sutter Buttes themselves. We have expanded our area of concern and our mission and values reflect that.

We hope you share the values of the Middle Mountain Foundation and become a member today. If you already are a member, we thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you about ideas you have about conservation of the local region.